Immigration and Franchising: What Are The Advantages


Immigration and Franchising: What Are The Advantages

When we think of foreign nationals, business ownership never crosses our minds. However, they play a strong role in business development. Many small to medium-type businesses are owned by foreign nationals in the USA. There are many reasons why this segment would be inclined to starting their businesses. After all, achieving the “American Dream” of owning a house and a car is greatly enhanced through entrepreneurship. That is why foreign nationals apply for visas that support investment. However, they invest in a franchise to get a head start with a proven product/service to curb the hardships of establishing a business from scratch.

Using Franchise Investment to Obtain E2 Visa

Many investors are inclined to avoid the hardships of attaining citizenship in the United States through regular visa processing. Therefore, such individuals use franchise investments to acquire E2 investor visas. However, several obstacles need to be cleared before you can fully enjoy the benefits of the E2 visa through franchising.

The most evident advantage of owning an E2 visa through franchise ownership is that investors mitigate the risk of business failure. Moreover, USA documentation requires a 5-year plan of the business you are investing in. Therefore, if you have a franchise on board, you can show its successful plan over a long period of time.

Franchise As a Direct EB-5 Investment

A franchise investment could qualify for an EB-5 investment. It’s uncommon for a franchise to make double digits from their investment, but it’s not impossible. Even though the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) has increased franchise investments from $500,000 to $900,000, franchise investment is still a viable option compared to establishing a business from scratch.

Franchises naturally have all the characteristics required to qualify for an EB-5 visa. Franchises are full-fledged businesses with a proven product and a strong customer base from stable future earnings to an established customer base and necessary employees. This information is adequate for the USCIS to know that a franchise investment is profitable and sustainable for five years. This allows foreign nationals to use the EB-5 visa to move to the USA and own a franchise business.

Franchise Frank Can Bring Any Franchise On Board

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